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10 signs of work limits! Do people who are "ok" overlook stress? I will introduce the remedy

I'm working hard, but in reality it may be the limit.
Even if you intend to join the company you were longing for and work on your favorite job, you may unknowingly overdo it. Especially those who think they are strong are likely to overlook some stress as okay. So, this time, I will explain the signs of the limits of work that people who think that they are okay tend to overlook, and how to deal with them.


Three Causes of Stress at Work

I'm not confident in my ability

One of the causes of stress when working is that you are not confident in your ability to work.

There are various reasons, such as the work that was lectured by my boss or seniors is difficult to remember, or the work that I set the delivery date is not completed.

You may be keenly aware of your lack of ability because you realize that you are annoying your boss and seniors who follow you kindly.

As a result, it becomes easier for you to feel anxious that you may be being told badly just because your boss or senior colleagues are talking.

There are many people who get stressed and cornered by blaming themselves for not being able to do it.


The working environment of the company is harsh

Even now that the Work Style Reform Bill has been enforced, there are still black companies that force long working hours and overtime work.

In particular, if you work early, overtime, or work on holidays, you will not be able to take the time to recover from fatigue, which may cause you to feel unwell.

It's only natural to be a stressor if you have no reason to motivate yourself, such as getting paid for a harsh working environment.


Relationships in the workplace are not good

Relationship problems hinder the performance of business.

There are numerous stories about power harassment and sexual harassment by bosses and seniors, and matahara by colleagues.

And while there is no overt harassment, if the workplace atmosphere continues to be uncomfortable, it can also be a stressor.

An environment where you always have to look at your workplace or someone's complexion is a major source of stress.


Why miss the sign of the limit

It is not uncommon for people to think that they are okay and overdo it, even though it clearly seems to be the limit when viewed from the side.

Behind the scenes, there is a reason to miss the sign that your stress is at its limit.

Here are two reasons why people who work harder miss the signs of their limits.


I don't realize I'm in a stressful environment

First, you don't realize that you are in a stressful environment. Overwork and the rigors of human relationships become commonplace when they become normal.

You may also have to cover your emotions in order to get the job done.

Therefore, you cannot recognize that the situation is stressful for you.


I think I'm not the only one who has a hard time

People who work hard in the workplace often notice the feelings of not only themselves but also those around them and the progress of their work.

Such people tend to be kind to the spiciness of others.

That's why I think that I'm not the only one who has a hard time, and I cover my feelings and feelings that I'm overdoing.

Compassion for others is very important, but when it accumulates, it causes you to reach your mental and physical limits.


Don't miss it! 10 limit signs

Signs that appear on the body

Unknowingly stress buildup often presents signs of limitation in physical symptoms.

Here are three signs that your body can show that your work is at its limit.


I'm still feeling sick

It may be a sign of limit when you continue to feel unwell, such as catching a cold, having a rash, having a sore jaw, feeling nausea, or having diarrhea.

If you continue to feel sick, even if you don't take time off from work, you are likely to be physically and mentally tired.

Also, even if it does not appear as a symptom, even if you do not get tired no matter how much you sleep, it may be due to stress.


Significant weight gain or loss

A visible sign of the limit is weight gain or loss.

People who gain or lose weight by a few kilograms in a short period of time should be careful.

Stress hormones increase in the body and increase appetite, and on the contrary, strong fatigue may reduce appetite.

There is a risk of developing depression, especially if you have significant weight loss and are accompanied by insomnia.

If you get into the habit of checking your weight on a regular basis, it will be easier for you to become aware of your limits.


Headaches and stiff shoulders continue

Normalization of headaches and stiff shoulders is also one of the signs of stress.

Symptoms may worsen if left untreated, assuming eye strain.

Headaches and stiff shoulders are often caused by chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, often due to the working environment and relationships.


Signs that appear in lifestyle

As stress erodes your mind and body, signs of limitations begin to appear not only in your body but also in your lifestyle.

Here, we will introduce four signs.


Sleep patterns have changed

When you are healthy, your sleep rhythm is maintained, but the pattern tends to change due to stress.

Many people think of stress as insomnia, mid-career awakening, or early awakening, but some people sleep all day long.

It's not a sign that you can sleep shorter or longer than you needed before.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before you develop a sleep disorder.


I can't take care of my appearance

When stress builds up and the physical and mental stress continues, it becomes difficult to perform daily routine work.

Therefore, it may not be possible to consider the manners of working people, such as caring for clothes and shoes, and putting on shavings and makeup.

In this case, even if the surroundings notice something unusual, the person is often unaware of it, and the possibility of developing depression cannot be denied.


Changes in eating habits

When stress causes physical and mental health problems, eating habits tend to change, not just increasing or decreasing the amount of food you eat.

It is also a sign of modulation that thinking about the contents of the meal becomes a hassle and continues to eat the same food, and the number of seasonings used without feeling the taste of the dish increases.

If the balance is lost due to uneven dietary content, it may cause deterioration of physical condition and cannot be underestimated.


More mistakes at work

Even when the work you are working on has not changed but you are making more mistakes at work, it is likely that you are under stress.

It's a bad sign that it takes longer to work than before, which is often overlooked even if you think you're checking it yourself.

If you make a few mistakes and get more attention, you will be more anxious about being scolded, and you will be more mentally cornered and more stressed.


Signs that appear in your feelings

When stress builds up in your company, work, and relationships in the workplace, your feelings also show signs of limitations.

Here are three signs of the limits that appear in your feelings.


I can't enjoy my hobbies

Even when you can't enjoy your long-standing hobbies and don't feel like working on it, you may be in a state of depression due to high stress.

Even if you have a hard time working, if you have a lot of private life, you can relieve stress.

However, it can be difficult when you can't immerse yourself in your hobbies.


I can only feel anger and sadness

If you are in good physical and mental health, you will feel emotions in your daily life.

But when your feelings reach their limits, you tend to feel only anger and sadness.

As a precursor to this, you may fall into a state of tears flowing for no reason, with less laughter in your daily life.

It is a symptom that is also seen in depression, so early treatment is required.


Always have a feeling of loneliness

If you feel too tired and reach the limit, it can be a hassle to even talk to your family and close friends.

As a result, it is not uncommon for oneself to have a hard time and sink into a lonely sea.

If you can't go out even though you don't want to be alone, or if you don't want to be denied by someone, you should be aware of your limits.


What to do when you feel the limits at work

As a result of feeling the limits at work, when the condition of the body, lifestyle, feelings, etc. deteriorates, nothing will be improved even if it is left as it is. Take some action to avoid the onset of depression.

Here are four ways to deal with when you feel the limits of your work.


Write down the cause of stress on paper

First, let's verbalize why you are feeling stressed.

In that case, the method of writing on paper is recommended. Just thinking in your head is not enough to organize it.

・ What are you feeling stressed about?
・ Why it is stress
・ Whether improvement can be expected
・ What are the ways to improve?

By visualizing the causes of stress such as, you can naturally organize your thoughts. You should also be able to see what you should do.


Ask someone you can trust to talk to you

Ask someone you trust, such as family, friends, or lovers, to listen to you first.

Talking makes it easier for you to organize your feelings.

Instead of asking for advice, just ask them to listen.


You may want to talk to your manager or senior at work to solve your work problems.

If you have a close friend who is in sync, one of the ways is not only to ask for your own consultation, but also to ask for work support.


Enrich your private life

If it is difficult to improve the working environment of the company or the relationships in the workplace, it is also recommended to enhance your private life.

Try doing things you don't usually do, such as playing sports, exercising, going on a trip, or immersing yourself in reading or watching a movie.

Let's make it conscious of the time when we do not think about work.


Review how to proceed with daily work and time allocation

If you are worried about achieving work quotas or making mistakes, you can also review how you proceed with your daily work and how you allocate time.

Considering the progress of work in terms of work performance in the best conditions, it may not be possible to respond to unforeseen circumstances.

It is also recommended to prioritize tasks for one month, one week, and one day, as it will clarify what you need to do.


Changing the environment is not a bad thing

It is important to have the feeling of trying to solve it yourself, but there are also stresses that can only be avoided by changing the environment.

What you need to do is run away rather than try hard, as long as you break your mind and body.

Here are four options for changing the environment.


Consult for team changes or department changes

If you're not dissatisfied with your current company, but you're doing something that you don't like with your boss or colleagues, or that you just don't like, why not ask for a team change or department change?

Being exposed to new teams and new tasks may reset your feelings and allow you to work positively.

Compared to methods such as changing jobs or taking leave, the risks are not that great. First, let's talk to a person in the company.


Consider taking paid leave or taking leave

If you're busy working, you may simply need a rest time. Take paid leave and rest your mind and body slowly.

If you still have physical and mental illness, you may have depression. In that case, it is necessary to consider taking leave.

If you don't feel well after a few days off, consider seeing a psychosomatic medicine department.

If you are diagnosed with depression, you will be advised to take a leave of absence, so first get a medical examination to understand your condition.


Change jobs

Unfortunately, even if you make your own efforts, it may not match the corporate culture and atmosphere of the workplace. I consulted in-house, but sometimes I can't find any concrete action.

Continuing your efforts in an environment that feels painful at such times does not mean that you will be rewarded. Isn't it time to reconsider whether it makes sense to continue working until the physical and mental health is impaired?


The job change activity itself is risk-free. Even if you proceed with the document screening and interview, you can basically decline the screening and job offer.

Just knowing that there are many companies in the world may calm you down.


In order not to fail in choosing a company again

Let's refer to the opinions of third parties

If you want to change the environment, refer to the opinions of third parties. I chose the current difficult environment because I was an old self.

In addition, it is difficult to make a calm judgment in a difficult situation. It is important to take a different perspective from yourself and objectively guide the best options.


The recommendation is to register with a career change agent and receive career counseling. By listening to the advice of professionals who have interacted with many people and companies, you can objectively view your environment.

As a result, many people can dispel their beliefs, realize that they are not responsible, and be positive.

Even if you actually change jobs, you can rest assured that they will provide you with generous support such as introducing a job that suits you, correcting application documents, and preparing for an interview.


Consider a wide range of options

The good and bad of the environment is relatively determined.

Even though the corporate culture is more attractive than it is now, I don't like the job content, and I strongly sympathize with the idea, but there are many overtime hours, and there are some drawbacks. You have to understand that no company is perfect and there are some trade-offs.

That's why it's important to consider the widest possible options to find the conditions that have the highest priority for you.

Whether you move on to the next environment or stay in your current company, you will be able to work with a sense of conviction and a refreshing feeling.

By registering as a career change agent, you can be referred to many jobs.


Summary-If you feel the limits of your work, start with a small action-

This time, I talked about the signs of limits in work that people who think they are okay often overlook, and how to deal with them.

There are many different values regarding work and workplace, but if you work until you break your mind and body, you will hurt yourself.

Don't overdo it when you feel the limits of your work. However, the current situation does not change even if it is left unattended.

From the countermeasures introduced today, we recommend that you first try the one that you find easy to take action.