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Can I remove the moles myself?

Many people want to get rid of moles, but going to the hospital is a hassle. It would be nice if I didn't have the time and effort to go to the hospital to remove the moles, but is it okay to actually remove the moles myself? I will explain whether or not you can remove moles yourself.


Is it safe to do the mole removal yourself?

Is it safe to remove the moles yourself? When removing moles in a hospital, specialized equipment such as a laser or scalpel is used depending on the treatment method, but there is no such equipment if you do it yourself. Isn't it dangerous?

Self-mole removal method called in the streets

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to get a mole is to go to the hospital, but you also hear about how to get rid of it at home.

I will explain in order the three types of "self-mole removal method" that you can remove moles by yourself, and the risks that you can think of if you remove those moles yourself.


Use moxa

It is a method of removing moles by using the heat of moxa to make the skin "burned". Moxa is made by refining the wormwood of a plant and is mainly used for moxibustion.

Originally, moxa is used as a moxibustion that adjusts the physical condition by heat stimulation by placing it on the acupuncture points of the skin, but it is said that moles can be removed using this moxa. However, if the surface of the skin is burned, not all moles can be removed, and there is a risk that burn marks will remain.

Removal cream

It is also often said to use a cream that has a mole-removing effect. The chemical reaction of the alkaline cream creates the same condition as a "burn" on the skin and removes moles.

Like moxa, there is a risk of burn marks because it causes the skin to become "burned". Besides, it is not the case that all moles can be taken cleanly. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has also issued a warning to avoid removing moles by yourself using moxa and removal cream.

Cut by yourself

The most dangerous is "cutting the mole yourself". There is a method of removing moles that you receive at the hospital by having a doctor remove the moles, but doing it yourself is a very dangerous act.

In the worst case, trying unsanitary scissors, cutters, and other blades at home can cause infection and necrosis of the skin. Be sure to avoid cutting the mole yourself.


Be sure to have a specialist perform the mole removal

Make sure you have a reliable medical institution to remove the moles. Treatment may include CO2 laser treatment (carbon dioxide laser) or scalpel resection for large moles.


In the case of a beauty clinic, insurance is not covered and insurance is not available. In the case of free medical care, the amount of money is about 5,000 to 8,000 yen for a small mole of about 1 mm to 2 mm, and about 10,000 yen for 3 mm to 4 mm.

However, in the case of free medical care, the hospital can freely set the amount, so keep in mind that the set amount varies depending on the hospital.



If you remove the mole yourself, there is a risk of scars, burns, and infections, so be sure to have your doctor remove it. If you are thinking of taking a mole, please contact us.