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Introducing the reasons and benefits that women should shave

There is fine hair growth on the face. Since the downy hair is thin, you will not know it unless you look closely, but you will notice it if you look closely.
Therefore, some people may be worried about the hair growth on their face every time they look in the mirror.

In this article, I will explain why you should shave your face and the benefits of shaving.


Face sledding brightens women's skin tones

Some people may not be satisfied with their skin because they are worried about dullness or their makeup is not good.

A woman's skin looks bright when she sledges her face.
Since the tone looks bright, it may be necessary to change the color of the foundation from one tone to a bright one in some cases, such as those who have never sled their face.
One of the reasons for this is that shaving the face eliminates the hair growth on the surface of the face.

Also, some people think that shaving the hair will thicken it, but the reason is after shaving the hair.
All body hair, including downy hair, narrows toward the tip of the hair. However, if you shave the waste hair, the cross section of the hair becomes flat and the waste hair looks thicker.
This is an optical illusion, so the hair growth does not thicken.

Five benefits of women sledding

When you shave your face, not only does your skin tone look higher, but it also solves your daily skin problems. Next, I would like to introduce the benefits of sledding for women.

Old dead skin is also removed

Shaving your face can remove not only the hair growth on your face, but also the old excess dead skin cells.
It is possible to remove dead skin cells using chemicals, but since it is not necessary to use chemicals for face sledding, it is possible to remove dead skin cells without any trouble such as the chemicals not matching the skin.


Prevents acne

One of the causes of acne is skin problems caused by germs.
Since germs on the skin adhere to the hair growth, it is possible to keep the skin clean by shaving the hair growth.

If you are having trouble getting acne or pimples even though you wash your face every day, we recommend regular sledding.
At this time, if you hit the acne that has already been formed with a razor, the acne may worsen, so avoid acne.

Makeup feels better

If you're not feeling sick, but your makeup doesn't feel good, it may be due to facial hair growth.
If you apply makeup with the hair growth as it is, the hair growth will interfere with the makeup base and foundation, so it will not fit well on the skin and the makeup will not feel good.

In addition, it fits well on the skin because it does not interfere with the makeup base or foundation. Not only does the makeup feel good, but you don't have to worry about the makeup coming off.

Makeup removal becomes easier

It is quite difficult to remove the makeup that has accumulated on the downy hair.
If you rub your skin hard to remove makeup, it will cause more damage to your skin and may cause spots and fine lines.
By eliminating hair growth with a sledge, makeup will not remain on the hair growth, making it easier to remove makeup. As a result, the burden of friction on the skin can be reduced.

Increase the penetration rate of lotion and serum

If there is hair growth on the face, when you put a lotion or serum on your skin, the hair growth may interfere and reduce the penetration rate.

If you eliminate hair growth with a sledge, it will be easier to penetrate the skin and you will be able to maximize the effects of lotion and serum.


Items that women want to have when sledding

Here are some items you should have when you shave.

Razor is recommended if you want to get started easily

Razors are recommended if you want to easily practice women's face sledding.
It's sold at a reasonable price, so one of the benefits is that you can replace it with a new razor as soon as it gets old.

Recently, there is a razor developed for women's face sledding, so even those who are worried that their skin will be damaged can shave with confidence.

Let's prepare a shaving agent

If you use a razor on your face, avoid applying it directly to your skin to reduce skin damage as much as possible.
To protect your skin from the razor blade, use a shaving agent when shaving to reduce the strain on your skin. It's a good idea to have something sold for face sledding, such as creams, gels, or oils.

Women's face sleds have many benefits

Women's face sleds have many merits such as brighter skin tone and better makeup.
It's easy to clean with a razor, so it won't be a burden.
If you're curious but haven't sledged yet, why not take this opportunity to shave your face?