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It is faster to improve by doing the number of swings than hitting a lot of balls !!

A series in which Mai Yoshimoto gives easy-to-understand lessons on how to improve golf in a blink of an eye. This time, the practice method for speeding up improvement is released. "Many golfers think that hitting a lot of balls will make them better, but in reality, swinging is much more effective," says Yoshimoto. Let me know what kind of gestures should be done to improve the effect.


If you use your wrist softly, the action of "shaking the club" will quickly become familiar with your body.

First, hold the head side with your right hand and feel relaxed and swing.

It doesn't hit the ball properly. The flight distance does not increase easily. Many golfers have such troubles. If it doesn't hit, it tries to hit. If it doesn't fly, it tries to fly. But when I tried to solve my worries, I couldn't do what I wanted. When the results of the practice do not appear, I am a little derailed from the action of "shaking the club".

You may want to argue, "No, I'm shaking the club properly." However, isn't the movement to match the face surface to the ball because you want to hit the ball properly? Is your arm or hand overpowered trying to reach a distance? If you feel that the club is not swinging comfortably, let's move away from the practice of hitting the ball and practice swinging. If you swing it, you don't feel like hitting the ball or flying it, so anyone should be able to swing comfortably.

Golf has a high sporting element, but it also has a fairly high physical element. The main purpose is to hit the ball properly on the face surface and hit the target accurately, but as long as you use a tool called a golf club, the swing master who will do the job for the golf club is the first decision. Simply put, it swings by relying on the centrifugal force of the club head. For that purpose, it is important to relax your arms and hands and use your wrists softly to swing. I would like you to experience this feeling with a swing.

The introduction has become longer, but what kind of swing is good is to first hold the club head side with your right hand and swing. You don't have to have the ball, but it's more practical if you set the ball and swing the club in front of it. If you hold the club head side, it will feel lighter, so you will lose power. Relax your body and shake it quickly so that you can use your wrists to make a "buzz!" Sound that cuts through the sky with a shaft. The left hand swing is not bad, but it is the role of the right hand to make the wrist work flexibly and run the club head, so I think it is better to focus on the right hand swing.


Let's master the swing linked to the actual shot by swinging practice

Once you get used to swinging with your right hand, hold the club head side with both hands and repeat the swing. The best effect of swinging is to quickly adapt the feeling that the club moves smoothly to the body. Even when you actually hit the ball, if you can swing with the feeling that you mastered by practicing swinging, the meet rate should increase. I often hear the story that "I like swinging, but when I hit the ball, I feel like a different person." I haven't. That's why the phenomenon that even the actual shot does not hit well occurs.

The important thing in practicing swinging is to wear a swing that is directly linked to the actual shot, although sometimes it is good to relax and swing. Do not slow down due to impact or swing around with force to upset the balance of your body. Basically, save the feeling of power to about 80%, and let's shake off comfortably to the finish so that you can draw a beautiful arc with the club head.

The driver's gesture is also the same. The point is to make a "buh!" Sound immediately after passing the impact. When you hit the ball or try to fly it, you can hear the wind noise just before the impact. This is because the wrist becomes stiff and interferes with the movement of the club head. Use your wrists softly and remember the swing that gives you the fastest head speed in the follow-through. The correct swing is the swing that makes the club head work. Even if you swing before the actual shot, the probability of a good shot will increase if you execute a swing that is directly connected to the actual shot. Don't think it's just a swing, please do a lot of efficient swings.