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【Atopic dermatitis】Causes / Symptoms / Treatment / Home Care

What kind of disease is atopic dermatitis? Atopic dermatitis

In atopic dermatitis, the barrier function of the skin is reduced,
It is a disease characterized by repeated improvement and worsening of eczema, which takes time to treat.

Causes of atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a disease in which various factors often overlap.
The factors include "constitutional factors" such as a decrease in the barrier function of the skin, and
How much you are exposed to the causative agent that causes allergic symptoms
There are "environmental factors" such as dust, dust, sweat, bacteria and mold, and stress.
Factors vary from person to person, so some people may or may not develop the disease even in the same living environment.

Causes of exacerbation of atopic dermatitis

Itching of the skin Itching of the skin Exacerbating inflammation and eczema Itching of the skin occurs ...
It has a lot to do with the fact that it is easy to fall into a vicious circle.
Escaping from this virtuous circle is the key to improving atopic dermatitis.

As you grow up, your abdominal muscles develop and the umbilicus often closes naturally.
If left untreated, the skin around the umbilical cord may stretch or the umbilical cord may be pushed out.


Symptoms of atopic dermatitis Symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Itchy eczema is a characteristic symptom that repeatedly develops and heals.
Due to itching, the skin is scratched and the barrier function is further reduced.
It is also characterized by the fact that sweat, food debris, dust, bacteria and mold further inflame and cause repeated eczema, which is a vicious cycle.

Even if you think you don't scratch yourself, you can rub it with a towel or clothes.
Sometimes I'm scratching while I'm sleeping,
Symptoms may persist or worsen without your knowledge.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis

Based on skin care that keeps the skin clean and moisturized
Using drug therapy (anti-inflammatory steroid topical drug) to improve eczema,
We will try to improve it so that it does not cause dryness or inflammation of the skin. It is also important to take measures against worsening factors.

Unlike infectious diseases, it does not improve in a blink of an eye, so
Even if your symptoms improve, use moisturizers and anti-inflammatory steroids for a while to keep them in good condition.
It is important to note that if you stop using the medicine immediately because it is getting better, it may get worse again.


When applying the medicine, the appropriate amount is such that the surface of the skin becomes shiny and the petapeta and the tissue stick together.
Even if you are worried about sticking, you will not get a sufficient effect if you spread it thinly.

We will treat you with the goal of not having itching.

Atopic dermatitis repeats eczema accompanied by itching, so itching may prevent you from sleeping well at night, affecting your development and development.
You may experience frequent drowsiness during the day, or you may not be able to concentrate on playing or studying.

It is a disease that has a great impact on the health and life of children, so
It is a patient treatment, but it is important to treat it firmly.

Home care at home

What I would like you to do at home is daily continuous skin care and
It means applying the required amount of medicine firmly.

If you stop taking medicine immediately because it gets better, or if you use over-the-counter medicine because it gets a little worse,
Sometimes the symptoms don't get better.

If the symptoms do not change even after taking medicine,
We will adjust another medicine and check the progress, so please contact us first.

After your symptoms get better, gradually reduce your topical steroids.
Even if it looks pretty good quickly, the barrier function of the skin is still incomplete,
Let's talk at once whether it is okay to reduce the frequency of medicine.



How much moisturizer should I apply?

In the case of tube ointment, the amount extended from the top of the index finger to the first joint,
It is appropriate to apply it to the area of ​​two palms of an adult.

Is it okay to apply a moisturizer and a topical steroid in layers?

When applying a moisturizer and topical steroids in layers,
Apply topical steroids to the eczema area first, and then apply the moisturizer from above.
It is not decided which one comes first, but it is important to apply topical steroids firmly to the eczema area.
Children can have a hard time moving while applying the medicine.
We are adjusting a mixture of moisturizer and topical steroids, so please consult with us at the time of examination.

What are the precautions when washing your body?

Thoroughly lather soap or shampoo, and then gently wash with your hands.
If you scrub it with a towel etc., the soggy skin will come off, and it will become easier to dry and cause eczema.
After washing, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
If soap remains on the skin, it can cause dryness and eczema.

Is it related to food allergies?

Just because you have a food allergy does not mean that you will develop atopic dermatitis.
Food allergies may be more likely to occur when food enters through the gaps in the skin where the barrier function has deteriorated.
To avoid food allergies as much as possible
It is important to properly treat atopic dermatitis and eczema and prepare the barrier function of the skin.
Let's start with skin care together.