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【I asked a professional!】What you need to know before you get shaving

Shaving performed by more than 70% of brides. Maybe many people shave for the first time before their wedding? For such people, I asked a shaving specialty store about the points that you should know about the benefits and timing of receiving it.


1. What are the benefits of receiving shaving?

Removes hair growth and dead skin cells, and improves skin tone
Speaking of shaving, you all know that shaving is wasteful hair and shaving, but there are other nice benefits as well. [Shaving specialty store] We talked to Erika Fujiwara, the manager of HIRO GINZA Premium Barber Harajuku store.

She said, "Shaving removes not only hair growth but also old keratin. By eliminating hair growth and keratin, the skin is also one tone up. Toner and serum can easily penetrate and make up."

In addition, "Shaving with a razor is a procedure that can only be performed by a qualified person with a barber license. It can also be done in a barber room, but in a salon where shaving and beauty treatment can be done, care content tailored to each person's worries You can do it in combination with shaving. "

If you have skin problems, I would like to use it as a reference when choosing a store.


2. When and how often do you get shaving?

Best twice, 3 days before the wedding and 1 month before the wedding
"I would like you to receive it twice as many times as possible"

The ideal schedule is as follows.

[1st] Try 1 month before the 2nd shaving just before the wedding
[2nd time] 3 days before the wedding
* If you do it only once, it is recommended to do it 5 days after the wedding.

"There are various theories, but it is said that skin cells are reborn in a cycle of around 28 days. This is called turnover, but in order to reduce the burden on the skin, after receiving the first trial shaving. It is recommended to have a second shave after the turnover.

You can also check if skin problems occur with trial shaving, and since the hair growth cycle is different for each person, this period is necessary to determine how long it will grow. "

As for why the second time is held 3 days before the wedding
"In the unlikely event that a problem such as redness occurs during the second shaving, there is room for care after about 3 days. It is possible to take a longer time, but it depends on the hair growth cycle. So it's safe to have a trial. "


3. Where should I shave?

Basically all the parts exposed from the dress
"Compared to everyday wear, the dress has more exposed parts, so I often come in close contact with the guests during the party, and I take a lot of pictures. Face, neck, back (up to the shoulder blades), It is recommended to shave all the exposed parts of the dress, including the decollete and arms.

Also, since you can wear a wedding ring, it is easy to leave it in the photo, so it is safer to shave your fingertips from your wrist.

Even if you can wear kimono, you should keep your back straight because you will have to pull out the collar.

By the way, where should I shave when trying?
"I would like you to shave your face to check for troubles. Also, I recommend shaving your back, which you don't usually have the opportunity to look carefully and do not have the opportunity to shave yourself. Since the area is larger than the part of, it is easy to check the effect such as tone up. Also, the back is a part that can be seen by the guest more than you think. Know the condition of your back early. In that sense, I recommend it. "

Many people say that the first shaving is done according to the previous shot. In that case, it seems that all the exposed parts are shaved, just like on the day of the wedding.


4. What are the precautions for shaving?

Carefully consult with counseling. Be careful of skin rubbing care
Is shaving okay for pregnant women and those with skin problems?
"Yes, it is basically possible. Many salons, including our shop, provide pre-counseling to determine the skin and physical condition of each person and propose reasonable treatments.

For example, if you have rough skin, including pregnant women who tend to have hormonal imbalances, most of the causes are due to dryness. Therefore, we may check the degree of dryness and the content of care at home and give advice.
Also, if you actually have trouble with your skin, you may shave while avoiding redness and purulent areas, but the situation of the trouble is different, so it is safe to consult with counseling first. ..

By the way, those who usually take care of the type of rubbing the skin need to be careful. Please allow at least one week after the procedure. Also, if you are planning to take care of rubbing your skin at the beauty treatment salon before the wedding, please do it before shaving. At the time of counseling, it is safe to say "I will do other care like this".

I also asked my seniors! ] How much did it cost to shave?
I've heard a lot about shaving so far, but I'm also concerned about the price and actual care content. At the Premium Barber Harajuku store, not only shaving but also moisturizing packs are added according to each person's skin condition to propose a course. In addition, the couple plan that can be received with the groom is also popular.