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What if I don't have bridal shaving before the wedding? Needs and timing


Shaving in advance is essential for a wedding to be in the best possible condition.

In this article, why you need bridal shaving before your wedding, what you need to do, cases where you don't shave,

We will explain the risks of shaving by yourself and the effects of using bridal beauty treatment salons, and also introduce recommended salons.


1. Where and why bridal shaving is needed for a wedding

A wedding, which is a special day in your life, is something you want to have in the best possible condition.

To make your skin look beautiful, you need to shave before your wedding.

In this paragraph, we will introduce you to the areas that require shaving and why.

1-1. Areas that require bridal shaving 1: Face

The first thing you can't miss is face shaving. Some people may not care much about the face because it has only hair growth.

However, the uneven facial hair growth is more noticeable than you think.

If you shave and get rid of fine hair growth, the foundation and powder will adhere better, and you can expect the effect of improving the make-up feel.

By eliminating the shadows caused by hair growth, the skin color will look brighter and whiter as one tone, and the photo will look better.

This is not the only benefit of shaving. It can also be expected to have the effect of removing dead skin cells along with hair growth.

As the skin becomes softer, the permeability of ingredients such as beauty essence increases, making it easier to moisturize and moisturize.

1-2. Areas that require bridal shaving 2: Nape

The second part that requires shaving before the wedding is the nape.

At a wedding ceremony, if you wear a kimono, you will tie your hair, but if you wear a wedding dress, you may want to pull your hair down.

If you want to grate your hair, you may think it's okay to have hair on your nape.

However, at weddings, it is sometimes noticed as the leading role, and depending on how the light hits and the distance from the guest, it is surprisingly noticeable that there is hair growth.

The nape should be well-shaped and shaving so that the neck looks neat and beautiful when viewed from behind or from the side.

However, shaping the nape yourself is not easy only in the invisible part.

It is advisable to have a professional shave.


1-3. Areas that require shaving 3: Exposed areas

In addition to the face and nape, you need to shave the areas that are exposed when you wear the dress.

Many wedding dresses have a prominent back design such as off-shoulder or bustier.

Since you can't see your back, you may not notice that you have wasted hair.

Shaving is necessary before the wedding so that the hair on the back does not stand out if you leave it as it is and put on the dress on the day.

In addition, shaving is essential for the parts of the wedding dress such as the arms, wrists, and fingertips.

Not only does it eliminate embarrassing waste hair, but it also makes your skin look brighter by one tone.

If you shave regularly, you can also see the natural cycle of unwanted hair re-growth.

If you can understand the hair cycle, you can also know when to shave, which is useful.


* What is bridal esthetic shaving? Types of shaving

Bridal shaving is the care to remove the hair growth and make the skin in good condition on the day of the wedding.

There are two types of bridal shaving, "soft shaving" and "leather shaving", so be aware of the difference.


What is "soft shaving"?

This is a method of shaving hair using an electric shaver. Soft shaving can also be done by people with sensitive skin or atopy.

Therefore, the bridal shaving that comes with wedding hall options is often soft shaving.

However, with soft shaving, you only need to shave the hair on the surface of the skin, so there is a possibility that hair will grow again soon.

If you do soft shaving before your wedding, you will need to be careful about the timing of the procedure.

For soft shaving, it's still best to get the treatment just before the wedding.


What is "leather shaving"?

It refers to full-scale shaving using a razor.

Leather shaving can remove old keratin as well as hair growth with a razor.

It is a recommended shaving method for pre-wedding brides because it not only removes hair but also makes the skin more transparent.

However, for people with sensitive skin, leather shaving with a razor may rarely cause the skin to turn red.

Therefore, it is important to choose a shaving that suits your skin condition.

Also, in order to perform leather shaving, you need a national qualification such as a barber or a beautician.

Please note that the number of salons offered at bridal beauty salons is limited.


2. Cases that tend to choose not to shave before the wedding

In some cases, you don't dare to shave before your wedding.

For example, if you have permanent hair removal at a beauty clinic, you often don't shave again just because you are having a wedding.

Also, your skin may be weak and you may lose your razor, and you may not shave to avoid skin problems.

In some cases, you may have to avoid shaving because you already have problems with your skin such as redness and inflammation.

However, even if you don't care about it yourself, it is surprisingly noticeable that you have grown hair.

In addition, you may have wasteful hair on your back or noticeable hair growth just by not noticing it yourself.

Even if you have permanent hair removal, it is safer to have a shave at a bridal beauty salon before marriage.

If you receive counseling at a bridal beauty treatment salon, you can also find out the causes of skin problems and skin care that suits your skin.

It's important to know how to get your skin in good condition by the time you get married.


3. Risk of shaving yourself before the wedding

Some people shave themselves because it's easy to do.

However, shaving yourself has various risks and is not desirable.

If you're shaving at home, you'll have to do it yourself with a razor or ladies shaver.

However, shaving waste hair and downy hair is an act that puts a heavy burden on the skin if not done properly.

For example, razors and ladies' shavers also scrape off the outermost keratin of the skin when shaving waste hair.

Then, the barrier function that protects the skin from external stimuli deteriorates, which may cause inflammation such as rough skin and folliculitis.

Ingrown hair may be formed, where waste hair is buried under the skin and grows.

With this, even if there is no waste hair or hair growth, it cannot be said that the skin is clean.

Also, the nape is not just a matter of shaving, it has a "looking shape".

If you shave poorly yourself, it may look bad.

It is advisable to leave shaving to a professional so that you do not have a wedding in unfortunate conditions such as rough skin or poor appearance.

4. What is the effect of bridal beauty shaving?

Qualified estheticians are in charge of the treatment at bridal esthetics.

Not only can you receive shaving but also beauty treatments at the same time, so you can not only get a smooth condition without waste hair, but also condition your skin.

Also, by having an esthetician who understands the skin condition shave,

Since you can receive shaving according to the person's skin type, the burden on the skin is small.

For skin that is in good condition and has no extra hair, the foundation does not float and adheres to it, so the make-up feels better.

Even at weddings and receptions, which tend to take a long time, makeup is less likely to collapse.

In addition, professional shaving reduces the anxiety of unshaving and losing razors, so you can greet your wedding with confidence.

Professional shaving has "immediate effect". By eliminating excess hair, it becomes slippery and becomes slippery.

The brightness also looks one tone higher, so you can make your skin look beautiful immediately after the procedure.

It is said that even a bride who is busy with work and cannot take care of her skin can expect an immediate cleansing effect.


5. Precautions for shaving before wedding

Professional shaving is less stressful to your skin than shaving yourself.

However, because it uses a blade, it is not without the risk of skin problems.

Depending on your physical condition, constitution, timing, etc., you may experience redness or tingling.

Therefore, it is not very good to shave just before the wedding.

If you're worried, try shaving early.

It is advisable to shave about a month before the ceremony, and if no skin problems occur, do the actual shaving about 5 to 7 days before the ceremony.

In addition, some people may be doing keratin care such as peeling and scrubbing on a daily basis.

However, if keratin care is performed before and after shaving, the skin may become sensitive in some cases.

Shaving may cause problems such as redness and inflammation.

Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from keratin care for one week before and after the day of shaving.

Shaving also has the effect of removing dead skin cells, so there is no problem even if you do not take care of dead skin cells.

The purpose of shaving before the wedding is to make the wedding dress and kimono look more beautiful.

Therefore, it is not just a matter of shaving to eliminate waste hair.

Lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet are great enemies for maintaining good skin condition.

You also need to be careful about how you spend your time until your wedding, such as getting enough sleep and consciously eating a balanced diet.


6. What is the recommended time to shave at a bridal beauty salon? How many days in advance should I take it?

If you want to shave at a bridal beauty salon before your wedding, you need to shave at the right time.

Since it is before the delicate wedding ceremony, how many days before the treatment should be done is also an important point.

Specifically, in the case of leather shaving (full-scale shaving), it is appropriate to shave about 1 week to 5 days before the wedding in case of skin trouble.

Second, for soft shaving with an electric shaver, it's best to do it 1-2 days before your wedding, as hair growth can occur quickly.

Soft shaving is best done the day before your wedding.

At Bi 4 Salon, the decollete is an uneven part, so only soft shaving is done.

In addition, as a service unique to Beauty 4 Salon, only for those who apply for a course more than once, after leather shaving,

Only in the part where leather shaving was done at the time of the treatment just before the wedding, if waste hair grows, the final check with soft shaving is done free of charge.

Know the right time to do bridal shaving and get a beautiful bride with the right treatment for your skin.