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What is Thanksgiving? A matter very similar to that event in Japan

Do you know what Thanksgiving is like? It's a big celebration day that Americans think is actually more important than Christmas.

What was the origin of Thanksgiving and how is it celebrated? And in recent years, Thanksgiving is also affecting Japan.

This time we will thoroughly explain Thanksgiving!


What country is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a celebration day in the United States and Canada. The dates are different in the United States and Canada.

USA ... 4th Thursday of November
Canada ... 2nd Monday of October

It is like that.

This time I will mainly talk about Thanksgiving in the United States.

Origin of Thanksgiving

The origin of Thanksgiving dates back more than 400 years.

Protestant factions from England to the United States emigrated to the Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts and began their lives. Among them, Indians living in the neighborhood teach farming and grow crops to get their own food.

However, that year, when he came from England, the winter of 1620 was so severe that he killed many people. After overcoming such a harsh winter, in 1621, I succeeded in cultivating a splendid crop and was able to harvest it.

The harvest festival began with the joy of their first harvest, the gratitude for God's grace, the cooking of the harvest, and the holding of a dinner party.

In 1621, the Indians who taught farming were also invited to the first harvest festival. At that time, it was not called "harvest festival", but in 1623, the harvest festival was held at church worship and prayer meetings.


Is Thanksgiving a holiday?

Thanksgiving is a holiday on the day, and schools and many shops are closed. The next day, Friday, is also a holiday, and on Saturdays and Sundays, there are many people who are originally on holiday, so there are usually four consecutive holidays.

Depending on the person, it may be a long holiday, such as taking a holiday or the company giving a holiday.

During this period, the airport and railroads are very crowded with people returning home. And on the day of Thanksgiving, there are no people outside. The shops are closed and everyone spends their time in their own homes.

How to spend Thanksgiving

Relatives and friends get together and spend a relaxing time

Thanksgiving is an important day for Americans to spend time with relatives and close friends.

Not only the families who live together, but also the relatives who are far away and can hardly meet on a daily basis gather, and I am delighted to see their faces for the first time in a long time.

Eat a big feast
Thanksgiving has a staple of food that can be called an event meal.

Turkey (roasted turkey)
Mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
Pecan nut pie


In addition, there are dishes with roots of each family, such as Italian food for Italian families and German food for German families.

Turkey is many times larger than chicken. It's hard to see in Japan, but I've seen it in Costco. The size is "I can't fit in a Japanese oven like this!", But the American oven is so big that you can easily bake the whole turkey.


Since the internal organs are taken and sold, it is the mainstream to stuff the stomach with stuffing and bake it. If you stuff it with bread, vegetables, cranberries, etc. and bake it, the turkey gravy and stuffing will be entwined and it will be exquisite!

Sprinkle with cranberry sauce or gravy sauce made from meat juice.

It's a ridiculous turkey, and there are many other dishes, so there may be a surplus of turkey. In such a case, loosen yourself and save it, remake it into a sandwich, and eat it.

Macy's parade

Macy's, a long-established department store in New York, holds an annual parade.

The parade using huge balloons such as animals and popular characters is spectacular. Every year, as many as 3 million people gather in front of Macy's to watch the parade, and there is also a TV broadcast, which is said to have 50 million viewers.

3 NFL games from day to night

Speaking of Thanksgiving sports, American football.

NFL (National Football League) is the highest professional American football league in the United States. Such NFL games are usually played only on Sunday and Monday nights, except for Thanksgiving.

A total of three games are played from noon to night. Some people go to the match venue, while others lie down on the sofa at home and enjoy the match.

Behavior by charity

Thanksgiving is a festive mood like that, but some homeless people can't celebrate it satisfactorily. For such people, turkey behavior by charity is also held in front of the meeting place.


What is the Thanksgiving celebration phrase?

Christmas is "Merry Christmas!" And Halloween is "Happy Halloween!". So what should we say to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!

People talk to each other like this. Not only as a phrase to express gratitude for the harvest, but also as a phrase to convey daily gratitude and love to the other party.

What is Black Friday?

Somehow scary characters ... Black Friday. Black Monday and Friday the 13th are messed up and there is even an ominous atmosphere, but in reality it's the exact opposite of ominous!

The day after Thanksgiving is Friday. On this day, a huge sale will be held once a year. At shopping malls and department stores, the prices are drastically reduced, so citizens who want to get good value can line up before the store opens. Some people seem to line up from the night before!

Also, Christmas arrives less than a month after Thanksgiving, so Black Friday is a day that people who want to get Christmas gifts at a low price can't take it lightly.

By the way, the reason why we call it "Black Friday" is that every store sells many times more than usual on this day, so it has come to be called Black Friday because it is in the black.

Recently, the culture of Black Friday has spread to Japan, and since 2016, a sale called Black Friday has been held.

Aeon, Ito-Yokado, GAP, Costco, Cainz Home, etc ... In 2018, 12 actual stores held Black Friday sales, and a considerable number of large-scale sales were held when combined with online stores.

Also, even if you don't call it Black Friday, there are many shops that sell big price cuts at the same time, so it is essential to check your shopping information at the end of November!


Hmm…? Isn't it similar to that event in Japan?

Thanksgiving wasn't very familiar to Japanese people, but did you notice that there are some very similar events?

・ It will be a long holiday
・ Relatives gather
・ Eat special event meals together
・ Annual special sporting event
・ Large-scale sale will be held

Yes, isn't it similar to New Year? New Year celebrates the New Year, so whatever you celebrate, the content is very similar.

It's a long holiday and relatives get together to eat New Year dishes. Look at the Hakone Ekiden and make it the first sale for the New Year!

It's an important New Year for the Japanese, but it can be said that Thanksgiving is as important to the American people as the New Year for us.

Enjoy Thanksgiving in Japan

This time we talked about Thanksgiving, a national event in the United States. Now that Christmas and Halloween have become completely established as events in Japan, there is a good chance that Thanksgiving will be introduced in Japan as well.

In fact, it has been influenced by Black Friday and so on, so on this year's Thanksgiving Day, enjoy the autumn harvest such as chicken (Turkey if you have a rice cake in an oven that can burn turkey!) And pumpkin pie. How about seeing it?