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What is the difference between anthropology and sociology? Studying at university and career

The difference between anthropology and sociology may be confusing for high school students who are thinking of going on to liberal arts at university. Others may wonder if these disciplines will be useful in employment in the future. Here, we will introduce what you can learn in anthropology and sociology, and how to apply what you have learned in the future.

"While both disciplines study human behavior, the debate between anthropology and sociology is a matter of perspective. Anthropology examines culture in more detail at the individual's micro level. Anthropologists generally look at it. Interpret as an example of a large culture. In addition, anthropology focuses on the cultural peculiarities of a group or community, while sociology tends to be more holistic and often. , Institutions (education, politics, religion), organizations, political movements, and the power relations of different groups. "


4 fields of anthropology

There are roughly four areas of anthropology. Archeology is a study of human-made things and civilizations long ago. Biological anthropology studies the evolution of apes and humans. Cultural anthropology focuses on human culture and life, including folklore, art and social norms. Linguistic anthropology studies the relationship between language and culture and examines its propagation between different cultures. Speaking of anthropology in the humanities of Japanese universities, cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology fall under this category.

Cultural anthropology mainly studies foreign cultures. Originally, I often researched undeveloped cultures that are not well known to Westerners, but in recent years, the target has been various cultures, and not only traditional cultures but also modern media. It is designed to be targeted. This faculty is recommended for those who are interested in foreign cultures.

In addition, there is folklore as a field unique to Japan. Folklore is a discipline that mainly investigates the culture and folklore of rural Japan, and is recommended for those who are interested in Japanese culture.



While anthropology is a discipline that understands cultural diversity and differences, sociology is a discipline that aims to solve problems in the modern society in which we live. In sociology, human groups are often the subject of research, and there are various subjects such as family, gender, youth, the elderly, education, religion, labor, race and ethnicity. Unlike anthropology, sociology studies more about Japanese society than about foreign countries. In addition, we often perform data-based social analysis using statistical methods, which is a recommended discipline for those who want to learn statistical research methods. It is also a field that is closely related to newspapers, magazines, and the advertising field.



Although studying anthropology and sociology does not give you any qualifications, there are few privileged qualifications to live a good life in Japan today. The modern society in which we live is undergoing drastic changes. An important ability in these times is the power of information processing to accurately grasp and predict the changing times. These disciplines provide the skills to access resources to survive in a globalized world and a rapidly changing society. After graduating from university, you can pursue various careers in various industries. I mentioned earlier that I cannot get a qualification, but the 4-year university graduate itself is useful as an important qualification. Also, if you want to utilize your expertise, you should aim for a field where you can use your vast information power as a weapon.